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Terms of Use

VSQ+ (pronounced “VSQ plus”) is the web media service operated by VSQ Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), through which copyright-free materials and content in various genres are offered. The user may utilize them to create YouTube videos, audio media, TV programs, commercials, movies, music, games, apps, Scratch projects and more, within the limitations of the VSQ+ Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms of Use”), whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The Terms of Use set forth the conditions of use with regard to the free sound source service provided by VSQ+. The user shall use the Service in accordance with the Terms of Use, and by downloading data, the user is deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.

VSQ+ Scope of Use
(1) The Service may be used free of charge for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
(2) It is not necessary to seek permission for use from or otherwise notify VSQ+.
(3) It is not necessary to provide attribution for use of content; however, voluntary provision of such information is welcomed.

The use of VSQ+ free materials is strictly prohibited in the following cases:
(1) Use of materials to offend public order and morals,
(2) Use of materials in content that is aggressive, discriminatory, sexual or otherwise extreme, or in similar media,
(3) Use of materials in relation to antisocial forces or illegal activities,
(4) Distribution of any sound effect or musical composition in its original form, including selling, lending, contributing and redistributing via internet media,
  * However, as the sole exception, such use is permitted in Scratch in support of programming study
(5) Registration of completed music to a YouTube Content ID, when using materials for music production, and
(6) Other uses that VSQ+ determines inappropriate.

Ownership of Rights
Even though the user may utilize free materials made available by VSQ+ free of charge, this should not be construed as waiver of copyrights. All rights belong to VSQ Co., Ltd. The user may freely modify and edit materials within the limitations of the Terms of Use; however, such activities do not constitute transfer of copyrights.

The user shall acknowledge that VSQ+ assumes no responsibility for any fault, trouble or damage resulting from the use of content. Furthermore, although the VSQ+ site contains various advertisements, the user and the company hyperlinked take full responsibility for any product purchase or service utilization between them. The user shall acknowledge that VSQ+ shall not be liable for any trouble or problem that arise between the user and the hyperlinked company.

Terms of Use Revision
VSQ+ reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use whenever deemed necessary, without user consent. In such cases, the conditions of use with regard to the Service shall be based on such revised terms.

Jurisdiction in Case of Dispute
In the unlikely event of a dispute related to the Terms of Use, the governing law shall be the laws of Japan and the court of jurisdiction the Fukuoka District Court.